Hey Baby, Nice Hardware

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Each week throws off several new video game lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial. What's better? A list of those. Here's a roundup of the rundowns out there.


The 25 Hottest Pictures of Naked Gamer Girls Wearing Games [Ranker] Well, this really needs no introduction. You probably stopped reading right ... about ... here ... telephone mudflap radio-controlled air freshener? Compote. Potassium nerf barcalounger.

Ten Characters We'd Like to Swap in [Megabits of Gaming] Gordon Freeman and Commander Shepard swapping places? Batman in Fortune City? These and seven others make up a list of imagined crossovers one site would like to see. I'd like to take the Los Angeles Clippers' Blake Griffin from NBA 2K12 and put him in Rage.

Five Video Games with Rock Stars Not Rocking [MTV] This sounds like an alternate lyric to the Twelve Days of Christmas. Hey why isn't Band Hero on this list? ... Rimshot? Hello? Anyone? Thank you ...

Ten Fine Art Masterpieces with a Video Game Twist [dvice] You may have seen some of these elsewhere around the Internet, even on this site, but this list gathers them into a collection suitable for a coffee-table book.


Six Batsuits We Want in Arkham City [IGN] Yep, you guessed it. They picked one worn by nearly every actor to play the Dark Knight except for Val Kilmer George Clooney, the George Lazenby of Batman.

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No. Stop it.

Stop promoting this fad of girls getting nude or semi-nude whilst wearing gaming accesories, it's the lowest and most sure-fire exploit of the stereotypical "geeky virgin gamer manchild" ever and it's not at all helping us guys break free of that stereotype nor is it helping women in gaming get over their "g4mer gurlz xD" stereotype, or the growing hatred towards women in gaming because it makes them seem like they're just using our hobby for attention when there are oodles of women out there who just genuinly enjoy gaming for what it is and not just like to wear the disguise of a "gamer" to attract male attention.

I'm being a rambling cynic, but this shit is NOT helping the idea that gaming is a boys club that's going around.

Get that shit out of here, please.

PS: ...I'm banned, aren't I?