Hey, There's a WICO Command Control Joystick in This Picture

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Jo Garcia, Playboy's noted gamer girl, may star in this wallpaper for The Bunny, but I'm looking at it for the articles in the background, where one of the few non-repeated, non-'shopped items is the venerable, vaguely phallic WICO Command Control. It's laying on its side, north by northwest of her right foot, underneath the ColecoVision controller.

The WICO was one of the first dual fire-button joysticks on the mass market in the early 1980s console boom. I had it plugged into my Atari 2600. I remember Lara, the girl next door, flicking the tip of its shaft with her thumb.


Jo Garcia: Wrapped Up in Wallpaper [Playboy, which, duh, is NSFW]

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Hmmm...I remember when Sega tried this approach to sell the Saturn.

Wonder how that worked out???