Playboy's Jo Garcia Pwns Wii Fit Girl

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When Wii Fit Girl did her 3 million hits thang, somehow I knew this was coming down the pike. Because Playboy is the home of Jo Garcia, the Cyber Girl of the Year for 2008 and an enthusiastic and knowledgeable gamer herself. And not only does she have noooo problem wearing much less than naughty librarian glasses and panties, Playboy also has muuuuuch better video equipment and editing.


The link is to a version that, while probably NSFW, is non-nude and won't get you arrested. I can vouch for the fact there is a topless version out there too, and let's just say she sticks the landing in the ski jump. I'm sure the intrepid amongst you can find that, I won't be providing it here, aside from the screen shot above.

The Perfect Fit [Playboy, non-nude but NSFW]



@SONY: I would def. still hit it. both of them.

I think the real reason Wii Fit Girl wins is because its painting this whole "life" in your head as you watch it —

Shes wearing what she most likely wore to bed — and you're placed in the P.O.V. of the boyfriend - who most likely had some heavy petting happen the night before/after she was finished playing Wii Fit. Maybe I should have just stayed with "trying too hard"

...or errr — ha - that could just be me...

I HATE YOU!...*moonwalks away*