Here's Nintendo's Enviro-Friendly Game Case [Update]

The TIE Fighter-Wing looking "green" game cases have been out for Xbox 360 since most November releases. Go Nintendo has an image of what they'll look like for Wii games, beginning with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers.


As you can see, it keeps the octagonal hexagonal circular hub-and-spoke design on the right side, but stamps out a recycling symbol on the left. I suppose the weights and material used are equivalent. All that's left now is a look at Sony's Blu-ray case design.

A larger version of this image, if you're interested, is at Go Nintendo's link.

Update: Commenter Justin Stair shares this image of a Blu-ray eco case, if it's anything like what we can expect for PS3 games.

New 'Green' Game Cases - Wii Version [Go Nintendo]

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