In Utah last Sunday, young Preston Scarborough took the family sedan for a spin. Instant media sensation, of course. A Fox News anchor was bold enough to ask did teh Grand Theft Auto do it?

In the video, which you may see here, Klint Anderson, a spokesman for the Weber County Sheriff's Office, mentioned that Preston's dad took away a driving video game, which is a good detail, fine. But the anchor smells the blood in the water. "Ahhh, ahh, something like a Grand Theft Auto? Something like that?" Objection! Leading the witness!

To be fair, Anderson didn't take the bait. "I have no idea," he said, "I didn't ask the father what game it was but some of those video games are pretty realistic."

Someone needs to tell Hairspray that if a child was playing an M-rated game, in Utah, this kid would probably be in custody of child protective services, not going on the Today Show. But then, it's just not as fun to blame Gran Turismo,

Did 7-year-old Learn to Drive From Video Games? [GamePolitics]