Help, This A Cappella Cover Of The Fall Guys Theme Is Stuck In My Head

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Even if you (somehow) haven’t played Fall Guys, you’ve probably heard the theme song—through streams, through viral social media clips, through the walls as your neighbors or roommates crank the volume to listen to this wholesome battle royale in all its zany glory. The theme, by Jukio Kallio and Daniel Hagström, is the type of brilliant earworm that sticks in your head like brain glue. So it was only a matter of time before fans started covering it.


Earlier today, Elspeth Eastman, a Twitch streamer, voice actor (according to her IMDB, she had a role in last year’s terrific sci-fi puzzler Observation), and musician, posted an a cappella rendition of the Fall Guys theme on Twitter—and it’s amazing. It’s one of those rare purely vocalized covers that, if you close your eyes, sounds just like the original, but still has its own distinct aural flare. Give it a listen:

Hey, look, now the Fall Guys theme is stuck in your head, too. Sorry!

Eastman’s video quickly went viral, racking up nearly half a million views in just a few hours. Even the official, “very spicy” Fall Guys Twitter account retweeted the video, saying that it “POPS” and “SLAPS.” The Fall Guys Twitter account has been previously incorrect on some matters—including needlessly and repeatedly rustling feathers regarding animosity toward Yellow Team, the best team—but we have to agree here: Eastman’s a cappella cover indeed both pops and slaps.

Now, when’s the deep house remix coming?

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Davie504 did a funky slap base cover that is pretty awesome.