After Eight Days Of Trying, Popular Streamer TimTheTatman Finally Wins A Single Fall Guys Match

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We live in divided times, but for the past few days, nearly every person living has been united by a single shared goal: giving Twitch super star Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar shit for constantly eating shit in Fall Guys. Today, he finally won his first match ever.


Until the big moment, which over 250,000 concurrent viewers tuned into, Betar had been trying to win a single game of Fall Guys for eight days. Repeatedly, his nerves got the better of him, and he choked. He also had to deal with the added challenge of in-game trolls watching his stream and latching onto his wobbly little avatar to sabotage him. Here are just some of his many failures, as meticulously tracked by ESPN:

It did not take long for Fall Guys’ extremely online Twitter account, staffed by mercilessly persistent marketing people, to get in on the action, refusing to follow Betar on Twitter until he got a single win. In the meantime, Betar became the official Fall Guys punchline and punching bag. Here are just a small handful of the account’s tongue-in-cheek tweets:


“TIM!!! I think our servers are struggling to cope with your losing streak,” the official Fall Guys Twitter said earlier today. “Just checking with the server team now to confirm. Can’t believe this. No server has ever seen such loss. Pls, just stop losing.”

This afternoon, Betar finally stopped losing. Here’s the big moment:


“YOU SAID IT COULDN’T BE DONE,” he yelled at the top of his lungs after finally winning. Immediately, phrases like “HE DID IT” began trending on Twitter.

As Betar observed in the aftermath, it’s fitting that he won on Hex-A-Gone, the minigame on which he’s eaten shit more than just about any other. His nemesis.


Free of the pressure associated with picking up the big W, Betar immediately decided to try for a second crown in a row.

He did not succeed.

And thus, the world’s natural order has been restored.

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Platypus Man

I had no idea this was going on and I saw “HE FINALLY DID IT” and “HE DID IT” both trending on Twitter. Was kinda wondering who Trump nuked.