Hate The Air Conditioner, Hate It

To: Totilo
From: Bashcraft
RE: 2008 GOTY?


I forget what I picked as my GOTY 2008 — a bad sign? But the game that has really stuck with me is Fable II. Maybe that was what I picked! For all the places Fable II fails (and fails miserably), the bright spots are so bright that they are worth the price of admission.

Catbus? Yeah, kids think it's cute. It looks soft! There are creepier things in Japan (take yokai, for example), so I don't think any children are freaked out by the catbus.


Now, rokurokubi? That creeps kids out. A soft catbus that runs through the countryside? Not so much.

In other non-news, my throat is sore — no thanks to the A/C. So I've taken to leaving the heater off all day, and wearing insane layers of clothes. I think I'm wearing like four pairs of socks. Perhaps I'll wear five pair tomorrow. Watch out, buster. I'll do it.

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Youkai are cute...

Playing Touhou Seireisen at the moment...