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Gamers Not Happy With Japanese Modern Warfare 2

Yes, Famitsu almost gave Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 a perfect score, but Japanese gamers do not appear happy with the Japanese version. Here's why:


The game has been dubbed in Japanese by its publisher Square Enix. Many Japanese players are saying the voice track sounds "cheap", and that it's hard to follow what is going on. (Not that the English version is any easier!) Other players are upset that the game does not appear to have English language options and have been saying they will not be buying the Japanese version. The sentiment is similar to Western players who would rather play JRPGs in Japanese with English language subtitles.


The online voice track for the Japanese version seems particularly annoying as well. Worse yet, according to one screenshot, the controversial section "No Russian" apparently has the line "Remember, no Russian" (AKA, Don't speak the Russian language) written as "Kill 'em, the Russians" in Japanese.


Sure, technically, that's what you are there to do in this scene: Kill the Russians, but some Japanese players are upset as this changes the meaning of this section slightly — not to mention misses the point of the "No Russian" title.


And, thus, Photoshops like this have been appearing on the Japanese internet!


But Kotaku Japan notes, playing the Japanese language version might be different that watching a gameplay clip — meaning, it might be easier to follow.

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