2008 GOTY?

To: Ashcraft
From: Totilo
Re: The Tetsujin 28-go Statue Is GIGANTIC


Sooo.... not feeling the backwards text thing, huh?

Nice statue pic.

I filled out my Spike VGA ballot today, declaring the Game of the Year (the year being that which started in December 2008 and ended in late November 2009).


Here's something fascinating about me that I don't think you knew: While I may feel confident in declaring what the Game of the Year for 2009 was, I'm still not sure what my Game of the Year for 2008 is. It was going to be Fable II for the longest time. But then I finally understood the bold and great design of Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts (not kidding) and that game went into my top slot. However: I never did finish World of Goo, I'm embarrassed to say. When I went back to it a few months ago and played a little more, it was oh so good.

In summation: GOTY 2009, I think I know, at least if we're picking from the choices in the Spike nominees. GOTY 2008? Still not sure.

Oh, can I get a verdict from your kids about the catbus? Creepy or cute?

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I want to know more about the catbus.

Nuts and Bolts was good Totilo? Interesting. I heard next to nothing about it post release and wrote it off and another failed Rare game. Cough—Grabbed By the Goulies—cough.