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Halo 3 Mod Turns Everybody Into Rats

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Gif: Zinkles

Halo 3 has a rat. It looks like what would happen if you genetically modified a potato to give it legs. So of course, the rat is beloved by the Halo community. Now, thanks to the magic of modding, you can play Halo 3 as the Halo 3 rat.

Originally just a background prop in the campaign, Halo 3 rat is front and center in modder Zinkles’ “Rat Slayer” mod for the game’s recently released PC version. The mod itself is the iconic Snowbound multiplayer map, but everybody is rats. They have tiny rat guns befitting of Spartan supersoldiers who’ve been given the “Honey, I Rat-ified The Master Chief” treatment, but according to the mod’s description, “the rats have the same health as campaign rats.”

Between that and the fact that the rats are harder to hit because they are the size of rats, this mod is more than just a cosmetic overhaul. The rats cannot, however, use the gravity hammer or energy sword—I guess because crabs currently have a monopoly on melee weapons.


Ominously, the mod’s description concludes by saying that rats “can’t use vehicles YET.” When they can, it will be us, not them, skittering through subways, desperately clutching the only slice of pizza to our name.

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