The band No Doubt—basically, Gwen Stefani—put an end to its lawsuit against Activision for the means by which it was portrayed in 2009's Band Hero, a spinoff of the Guitar Hero franchise.

Terms of the settlement were not disclosed, but one can reasonably assume that money changed hands. Otherwise, Stefani and her cohort would likely have gone as far as they could have to trial, saying that they had licensed the use of their likenesses for three songs in the game, and it ended up that No Doubt's virtual act could have performed any of Band Hero's 58 songs. That made No Doubt into "a virtual karaoke circus act," according to their complaint.


The band's complaint mimicked that of professional widow Courtney Love, who also sued Activision when the likeness of her husband Kurt Cobain could be made to perform other artists' songs in 2009's Guitar Hero V.

No Doubt Settles Lawsuit over Band Hero Video Game [AP. Image by AP]

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