Guitar Hero 5 DLC Incompatible with World Tour

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So, we know that Guitar Hero 5 has - for a price - backward compatibility with existing song catalogs. But does it enable frontward compatibility in previous titles?


Answer: No. The DLC you'll get in Guitar Hero 5 is not usable in Guitar Hero: World Tour, according to Destructoid, and it's not a big surprise why. They're two different games.


An Activision rep told D'toid that "advancements and innovations" in Guitar Hero 5 make playing its DLC on previous versions a no-go. These features include vocal star power and and advanced drumming mode.

Bringing your existing DLC up to Guitar Hero 5 is possible through an export/import mechanism, but again, for a price, which Activision has not revealed. Also, it's applicable only to 152 of the 158 songs in the World Tour and Smash Hits catalog, and no one knows which songs are the blacklisted six.

Guitar Hero 5 DLC Won't be Compatible with Guitar Hero World [Destructoid]

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pretty lame if you ask me. new features are great and all, but i would much rather have the easy-pessy Rock Band Store that lets you download music that'll work on any rockband game, you know, because the music is why we're all here playing these games. not for "star power" or "fancy pancy" mode.

when Abbey Road DLC hits the RB store, everyone will swoon that any RB owner can can play those tracks, you wont need to own Beatles Edition. Then we will question what Activation is doing and wondering when they'll get the hint.