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When last I checked, just over a month ago, nearly 4,500 people had jumped through the hoops to finish Rockstar's portable GTA. The increase has been steady.


I've now checked the completion stats online for Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars three times: in mid-April, mid-May and mid-June. These stats are listed on the Rockstar Social Club website. They don't represent a GTA:CW player's mere completion of the acclaimed DS games' story. They indicate that a player has unlocked the game's Guardian Lions statues, which means they have finished the game's story and synced their DS to Rockstar's site twice.


The game was released in mid-March and less than a month later, 1,900 people had done all of that. A month later, that number was at 4,500. Today, a little over a month since I last checked, the figure is at 5,893. (Check the GTA: Chinatown Wars stats yourself, registration required.)

Some might draw a correlation between the completion stats and the sales of Chinatown Wars. I won't, because there's no telling what the norm is for someone both buying a game and then going to the lengths required to get listed on Rockstar's site.

But this is still a figure we can track, to gauge how much interest the game holds for players and how many more make it to the finish line worldwide, each month. It's easy to lose sight of the life a game has beyond its release. Here we have a sign of activity we can keep checking until Rockstar turns their feature off.

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