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First month Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars did not impress. At least they weren't impressive to analysts, as the game's initial NPD figures came in far below expectations. What about month two?


According to NPD Group data from Gamasutra, the Nintendo DS title from Rockstar Games managed to move another 74,000 copies in the United States. A drop from the 89,000 copies sold in its first month on the market, but not a dramatic one. But Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars NPD per day (NPD-PD) sales tell a slightly different story.


Chinatown Wars was only on sale for 19 days in March, giving us an average of 4,684 copies sold per day.

In April, the DS game had 28 days to shine, according to the NPD Group's reporting period. That's an average of 2,642 copies per day. That drop is more considerable.

That decrease may be made more dramatic by the increase in Nintendo DS hardware sold during the month. With the introduction of the Nintendo DSi, the portable dual-screen platform sold through almost twice as many units in the United States on a month to month basis.

With 827,000 new Nintendo DSi owners on the market, one might think fans of committing touchscreen crimes would be holding out for bigger screens to play their Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on. But it appears they'd rather play New Super Mario Bros. instead.


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