Harmonix already has Green Day: Rock Band on its 2010 slate as a follow up to last year's The Beatles: Rock Band, but the popular punk trio's game won't be the only music game from publisher MTV Games this year.


Senior VP of MTV Games Paul DeGooyer tells Newsarama that Green Day's release is "of course not going to be our only game this year," not quite confirming what is "effectively the next game, or ‘Rock Band 3'."

Which, by the way, should be interesting, if The Beatles: Rock Band contributor Dhani Harrison's assertion that future Rock Band games may feature instruments that will help players "actually learn how to play music while playing the game."


What will be more impressive is if Rock Band 3 can reverse the genre's slowing sales in 2010. But enjoyable music instruction? We'll take that too.


DeGooyer teases a bit more in the original interview, possibly even explaining why a Rock Band 3 on physical disc could be a necessity.

New GREEN DAY: ROCK BAND Details, ROCK BAND 3 Hints, More [Newsarama via Destructoid]

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