Rock Band 3 Will Teach You How To Play Proper Music

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In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Dhani Harrison - son of former Beatle George Harrison - has revealed that he's not only working on Rock Band 3, but that it's going to take the series in a new direction.


The fact he mentions a third Rock Band should surprise only those who wake up every morning shocked to see the sun has risen. But the specifics, and why he's involved in the project, those are a little more interesting.

"I'm working on 'Rock Band 3' and making the controllers more real so people can actually learn how to play music while playing the game," he told the newspaper. "Give me a couple years, it's going to happen."

I don't know. I enjoy playing Rock Band because I can't play the guitar. If I wanted to learn how to play the guitar I'd, well...learn how to play the guitar.

The ever-changing Thenewno2 [Chicago Tribune]


Les Vegetables

I'm sure there will be dozens of stories like mine on here, but here I go:

Been playing guitar for 6 years, but have always been the worst member of my band at drums. I work at a Best Buy. When I heard that Rock Band could supposedly teach you the fundamentals of drumming, I started testing that theory by playing on my lunch breaks and after work a little.

Now, two or so years later, I am the second best member at the drums (behind, you know, the drummer), and can drum competently enough and with enough understanding of the workings of the set to write what is usually the final cut of the drums for the songs I write.

A videogame has positively affected my band (outside of the fact that my band is an alternative rock band inspired by video game soundtracks.) #rockband