Harmonix Workin' On Rock Band 3

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The Beatles: Rock Band may well be a treat for Beatles fans, but if you're not a Beatles fan? You'll be happy to know that Harmonix will next year be back to games with a little more variety.


Asked by MCV whether Harmonix and MTV Games would in 2010 be releasing Rock Band 3 or another "major artist game", MTV's Scott Guthrie has said "We're exploring both – and possibly will do both. The Harmonix development team are working on what is effectively the next game, or ‘Rock Band 3'."

Great! Though we're actually more interested in what "major artist" MTV would follow up after The Beatles. It'd have to be someone big. Our hearts say Led Zeppelin, but our brains say...listen to our hearts.


Great Scott [MCV]

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Well they already announced RB: Pearl Jam didn't they.