'Green' Cases Don't Do Much for Greenpeace Rankings

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Doesn't look like cutting a bunch of plastic out of the standard game cases did much for anyone's Greenpeace ratings. The environmental advocacy group released its quarterly rankings of electronics companies, again tsk-tsking Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

Nintendo, I guess because it goes whaling in its spare time or something, again clocked in with a 1.4 on Greenpeace's scale o' ten - worst not just among game makers, but among all electronics makers surveyed. OK, it's actually because the company doesn't provide the kind of information Greenpeace needs/demands to build this list. The score was unchanged from last quarter.

Microsoft received a 2.4, down from its last quarterly score of 2.7, for "failing to support strong chemicals legislation." Sony maintained its middle-of-the-road 5.1 "but needs to lobby for stronger chemicals legislation."


I don't know if the so-called "green cases" had anything to do with the rankings - it seems Greenpeace is taking into account decisions, leadership and positions on environmental policy at a much larger level. But this was the first quarter with the more enviro-friendly cases, and in addition to freaking out gamers who think their games are going to be crushed, they weren't such a hit with the keepers of the pearly green gates either.

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What the fuck, Greenpeace? Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo shouldn't be lobbying for ANYTHING. Individual people should lobby for "stronger chemicals legislation" if that is what the individual feels should be done.

God I hate this greenpeace ranking system. Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft.. you don't have to have a gun held to your head by these people, just ignore them and let them jump up and down anyway.