The adventure of Kratos will continue in the pages of a six-issue God of War comic book series published by DC/Wildstorm Comics, slated to hit before the release of the third game on the PlayStation 3.

The God of War mini-series will be written by comic book legend Marv Wolfman, notable for his work on Marvel's Blade and DC's Crisis On Infinite Earths, and illustrated by Kevin Sharpe and Andy Park, reports IGN. Wolfman considers himself a fan of both the God of War series and Greek mythology, the basis for DC's Teen Titans, a franchise he helmed in the 80s.

Wildstorm currently has comics based on the video games Prototype, Gears of War and World of Warcraft in production.

DC/Wildstorm's four-color treatment of Kratos' "dark past" isn't the only expansion of the Greek mythos Sony has planned, with a novelization and movie in the works.


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