Give Yourself A LEGO Indiana Jones 2 Demo For Christmas

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Microsoft and LucasArts have squeezed out one more downloadable demo just in time for Christmas, giving Xbox 360 owners a chance to test out LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues for last minute gift-giving consideration.

If you didn't feel that our review of the game was informative enough—you're obviously crazy!—you can try the latest LEGO adaptation for yourself. Go on, relive the magic of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! Who wouldn't want to revisit that festive romp?

Or you can snap up the Trials HD Big Pack downloadable add-on. It's also available to Xbox 360 owners for a paltry 400 Microsoft Points. There's some substantial stuff in there, 35 new tracks, five new tournaments and three new Achievements. Good luck with that!

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Darth Stewie

Indy was the only Lego game I truly enjoyed. I'm a huge Star Wars fan but for some reason, didn't like the Lego games. Definitely getting Indy 2...

Batman, yeah that was big 'pass'.