Ghostbusters Gameplay: Don't Cross the Streams

This, courtesy of Playr TV over on the UK's Bravo, seems to be the video that Flynn saw at the Sierra Spring Event back in April. If you're itching for this game, due out on all platforms around Halloween, you've probably seen gameplay clips in other videos so far. This one is a good five-minute look that lets you form your own impressions of the game, due out around Halloween on all platforms. A few of mine after the jump.

• There seem to be two levels of ghosts, those you can just blast and those who have to be corralled and trapped. Getting both out of the way looks like it can be repetitive — although since we see Mr. Stay-Puft in these sequences my bet is it's from an apocalyptic finale level.


• Couldn't hear dialogue, but the soundtrack — cut from the original Peter Elmer Bernstein score — sounds great and responsive to the in-game tempo. I can imagine giggling while taking down some specter in a slapstick manner, to a grandiose accompaniment from the horn section.

• Flynn testified to the depth of the game's engine and the massive number of objects it can manage at once, but the wall destruction at 2:17 looks kinda meh. Could be the poor quality of a YouTube vid though.


• The end of this video — that had better not be how you really finish off Stay-Puft. Maybe the game was being played on "dickless" level or something.

• Why didn't they cross the streams? It would be bad, I guess.

• The voice-over, who the hell is that. Marc Summers from Double Dare?

Ghostbusters — Playr TV [YouTube, thanks to reader Matt]

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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

My judgement is reserved till I play it, for to me, the only proper way to do Ghostbusters would be GTA style, but as the sales of this game will very, very likely factor any future Ghostbusters games, I will buy it unless it's complete and utter crap.

You should too.