Get Your Weekly Dose Of Dante's Inferno

In case you weren't getting enough Dante's Inferno with its clever marketing tricks and Facebook app, EA is kicking off a weekly live video series, kicking off tomorrow with executive producer Jonathan Knight and senior producer Justin Lambros.


Knight and Lambros will be discussing everything Dante's inferno related in the first weekly installment of the live video series tomorrow, focusing primarily on the game's development, the PlayStation 3 demo, and the Dante's Inferno comic book. Fans of the game will be able to ask questions of the duo by posing them to @danteteam on Twitter or posting them on the Dante's Inferno Facebook page wall.

The whole shebang kicks off tomorrow at 4PM Eastern time at the game's official website. If you're lucky and we remember, we might just embed it here for your convenience.

If you're lucky.

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