Which Console Gets The Dante's Inferno Demo First?

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The demo for Dante's Inferno is coming to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this month, but one console is getting it two weeks ahead of the other. Who gets it first? Hint - it's not the Xbox 360.


I suppose that was a rather large hint, but I just couldn't keep our readers in suspense. The Dante's Inferno Gates of Hell demo will be hitting the PlayStation Network on December 10th, arriving on Xbox Live two weeks later on the 24th. Announced last month, the demo features the entire opening level of the game, detailing Dante's journey to Hell's gates in order to rescue his murdered love, Beatrice.


"The world of Alighieri's Dante's Inferno is such a rich, detailed, and often alarming universe, that all of us at Visceral Games put our hearts, and dare I say souls, into creating something truly intense and exciting," said executive producer Jonathan Knight. "We hope gamers enjoy this tease of hell, and come away from the experience lusting for more when the game comes out on February 9."

In the spirit of the holidays, I urge PlayStation 3 owners to invite an Xbox 360 owner to their home on December 10th in order to promote console harmony. Call it a kinder, gentler way of saying "go to hell."

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Dante travels to hell to rescue a murdered love? Right from the get-go the game is lame. If she ended up in hell she's probably not worth saving anyway.

Why even insult the intelligence of the gaming public by trying to connect this game to the Divine Comedy. And from what I've seen of the game it looks like the usual hackneyed depiction of hell.