Like that fat bloke in The Meaning Of Life, the world is this close to having its fill of Guitar Hero. Know what will finally blow us up? A TV show and/or concert tour.

Yes, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Activision are in talks with entertainment and promotion types with an eye towards bringing Guitar Hero to the small screen, in the guise of a reality TV show, and/or across America in the form of a "concert tour".

Hooray. Seems not content with stealing Rock Band's idea for a game, they're taking its idea for a TV show, too.

On a potentially brighter note, THR also report that, alongside the ongoing saga of a World of Warcraft movie, Activision are also shopping around the idea of a Call of Duty movie. We say potentially with the proviso it's a movie about Call of Duty 4. If it's not, thanks, but no thanks.


'Guitar Hero' TV series, tour in works [THR, thanks Joe!]