Rock Band 2: The Reality TV Show Wants YOU

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It's on Craigslist, so who knows how legitimate this is, but we definitely like the feel of it. Seems Mark Burnett (pictured), the man behind everything from Survivor to The Apprentice to The Contender, might be working with MTV on a reality TV program based around Rock Band 2. Centred around competition between bands of four, it'll give you the chance to not only get on TV and win the "Ultimate Rock Band Experience", but subsequently slide into a creative and moral abyss, as the cocaine, cheap women and long tours drive a wedge between you and your bandmates, and you grow to loathe everyone and everything in your life you once held dear. So, yeah, awesome! Only catch is you've got to be over 18, and be based in the LA/SoCal area. Ultimate Rock Band Experience [Craigslist, thanks brilliant sir!]



Me and My friends would have done it but we live in Ohio. I hate it nothing cool ever happens here. Ohio sux so bad that we get LaBron James and we still can't get a Championship. There is always next season right???