Get Ready for Even Freakier L4D2 Mods

The delayed SDK for Left 4 Dead 2 has been a bummer to that robust modding community, but now they have news that softens their disappointment: When it arrives, the kit will support custom survivors, infected, weapons, you name it. says it got a look at code detailing what can be expected in the release. Let's let them explain\:

Custom models are now supported and very much a reality now! And that includes survivors, special infected, common infected and weapons. Not only that, it seems the weapon functionality can also be edited. So what does this all mean? Well it means mappers can have custom survivors, special/common infected and entirely new weapons unique to just their campaigns (i.e map side modifications, NOT server side)! The L4D modding scene just got a little more interesting boys and girls.


What does this mean to you, the Left 4 Dead 2 PC player? Well, a whole lot more than just Nude Zoeys, I'd bet. Maybe nude jockey-Zoeys hybrids? It's a start.

L4D2 SDK Content Revealed! Custom Models a Reality [L4DMods via Evil Avatar]

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