Get Close (Maybe TOO Close) To A Jasper 360

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OK, so it's confirmed. The all-new, all-improved Jasper model Xbox 360s are out there. Want to see their insides? Want to find out how to get your hands on one? Ben Heck's got your back.


Writing on Engadget, the modder extraordinaire has broken down just what it is that makes the Jasper better, and more importantly, how you need to check the back of the unit to make sure you're getting one.


It's all in the amps. If the back of a 360 says 12.1 amps, it's a Jasper, and you're free to enjoy the cooler, safer experience that brings with it. If it's any higher than 12.1, it's an older unit, you lucked out.

Inside an Xbox 360 Jasper: Ben Heck dissects the mythical console, then tells you how to find one [Engadget]

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So, honestly, what is the chance of ever getting the new Jasper from a repair? Has anybody ever received a newer model when they sent their 360 in for repairs?