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"Jasper" 360 Consoles Hit The Market

Illustration for article titled Jasper 360 Consoles Hit The Market

The 360's latest - and safest - chipset is codenamed "Jasper". And has been on our radar for a while now. Well, if posters on xbox-scene are to be believed, Jasper 360s have finally gone on sale. Biggest giveaway is the 150w you can see there on the power brick. Jaspers are supposed to run quiter, use less power and run cooler, so if you're in the market for a 360, might want to look for one manufactured anytime after October 23, 2008. I Got A Jasper Baby! [xbox-scene]


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I bet Jasper is here to steal our dalmations. :(

360 should've been quieter in the first place. I was kind of upset when I figured out how loud it was after I got one. Meh, no biggie with NXE. I'm so glad they released that.