German Pols Push to Ban Development of Violent Games

Germany's latest demagogue tantrum against "killerspiele" - violent video games - could be shrugged off as hot air, except for the fact it would ban even their development. So Germany-based Crytek would have to move.

The interior ministers of Germany's 16 states have unanimously asked the German legislature to ban outright the distribution, sale, and development of violent video games. Such games have been a big part of the national conversation since a 17-year-old went on a gun rampage March 11, killing 15. Naturally, the shooter owned a shooter - Crytek's Far Cry 2 - and playing it for two hours before the killings was enough to link games to the tragedy.


The demand is definitely politically timed - the interior heads want it ASAP, before German elections Sept. 27. Again, this is (snicker) a Far Cry from legislation introduced to parliament, but it was enough to fire up German readers who sent it to us, who already point to the country's extremely strict youth protection laws, and are generally disgusted by lawmakers' tendency to blame technologies they don't understand.

Germany's Interior Ministers Ask Bundestag For Total Ban on Violent Games [GamePolitics; also tipped by reader Michael J.]

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