Team Kotaku Not Pictured - A healthy portion of Kotaku is at the New York Comic Con right now, sadly not in form-fitting Deadpool costumes. More super coverage to come.

The Best iOS Gamer in The World

Congratulations, JeNeI_7, you are the best iPhone or iPad gamer on the planet. You're not a machine, are you? JeNeI_7's excellence at iOS games was a well-kept secret until yesterday. More »


Aiko Island is a Good Idea Whose Time has Already Come

What was in my gaming app hopper this week? I had a choice. Something that was either blatantly derivative of an iPhone hit, involving vegetable matter and Japanese assassins, and another that was at least a little more discreet in its promotional copy. More »


The Next Superman Video Game is Excellent

Superman 64 sucked. Superman Returns was bad. I've read plenty of great Superman comics, but, until yesterday, I never played an excellent Superman game. Yesterday morning, I didn't even know a new Superman game was coming out. More »


Watch How Shank 2's Co-op Delivers Twice the Stab-Em-Up Action

Released through the EA Partners program last year, Klei Entertainment's gorgeously gory sidescroller won legions of fans with its retro presentation and fluid animation. More »


Why an 'Ugly' Pin-up is Legendary in Japan

Another weekend. Another photo session for 21-year-old Mai Fujiko, no stranger to string bikinis that are more string than bikini. She wasn't embarrassed in the least, proud of the figure DNA bestowed her. More »


Phoenix Wright and Nova Join the Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Battle at the New York Comic-Com

Capcom's Phoenix Wright and Marvel's Richard Rider get a massive Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 asset dump, just in time for the New York Comic-Con. Is there a Mega Man surprise in store for fans? More »

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