Congratulations, JeNeI_7, you are the best iPhone or iPad gamer on the planet. You're not a machine, are you?

JeNeI_7's excellence at iOS games was a well-kept secret until yesterday. The release of iOS5 yesterday updated Apple's still-ugly Game Center so that we can now see how any of us who play games on iPhones and iPads compare to everyone else, including the top-ranked players in the world. You can too, if you have updated your firmware. Go to Game Center, then the Friends tab, and tap the "Points" option to get a friends leaderboard and a global one.

Now I can compare the fact that I've played 14 Game Center games and earned 39 Achievements in them to the stunning truth that KeNeI_7 has played 524 games and earned 8,583 Achievements. That's 218 more games than the next person on the list, though my eye is drawn to Seth_Anubis, the fifth best player in the world. Seth has 3/4 the Achievements points as JeNeI_7 (6,089, compared to 8,583) but has played just 1/7 as many games. Seth_Anubis, maybe you're the one who is a machine?

Sadly, we can't see which games these top gamers are playing.


Large caveat: Game Center only tracks your performance in games that support Game Center, such asAngry Birds, Infinity Blade and piles more. So maybe it's not perfect. Check that... Game Center is not perfect (one problem: it looks like a craps table; another problem).

JeNeI_7, Kotaku salutes your efforts. How nice that Apple updated their firmware to let the world know of your greatness. Your success will go unrecognized no more.

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