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You knew that GameStop wouldn't let something as big as the Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots launch go by without burning the midnight oil to get PlayStation 3 owners the game as soon as humanly possible. The games retailer has announced that over 1,500 stores will be hosting special launch day events tomorrow, featuring trivia contests, a Big Boss costume contest, and special sneak-peaks at the game leading up to the 12:01 AM release.

Seeing as 1,500 stores is less than half of the stores located in the United States (GTA IV events were held at over 3,500 locations), I'd highly suggest that you call ahead (or check this list) before showing up at your local locations dressed as Big Boss, as your sad story of standing in a parking lot alone in an eyepatch and trench coat would make us cry, and we hate one-eyed people crying.


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