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Why You Need to Play Age of Empire Online... And Believe My Lies

Be warned: I am a strident fan of classic computer real-time strategy series Age of Empires and when finally given the opportunity to play a new take on the game I will go to great lengths to make sure it sticks around. Usually that wouldn't be a problem. More »


Tentacles Can Invade My Pleasure Centers Anytime

See those adorable little pink blobs floating on the right side of the screenshot above? They're about to have their eyeballs torn out and eaten. Just one of the many reasons Tentacles is the best Windows Phone 7 game I've played so far. More »


A Side-By-Side Look At The Glories of Remastered PSP God of War Games Running on a PS3

The PS3 God of War: Origins Collection brings Ready at Dawns two wonderful Playstation Portable games to the PS3. But you can't just dump them over from portable to console and expect them to look good. More »


Child of Eden Hits PS3 with Move, 3D Support in Sept. 27

After some delays, and some uncertainty about Move support, developer Tetsuya Mizuguchi himself takes to YouTube to confirm the game's release and show us how it will work with Move. Oh! More »


Thirty Years of IBM PCs Means 29.9 Years of PC Gaming

Today's a special day: The 30-year anniversary of the launch of the IBM PC, a machine created for business that many of us soon discovered made a perfectly wonderful gaming machine. More »


What Will Your Gotham City Impostor Look Like?

Why play the Batman or Joker when you can create your own? Check out the ridiculous customization options that will be available in the downloadable online multiplayer shooter Gotham City Imposters. More »


Video Game Snobbery Started a Long Time Ago

The hate of fake games and fake gamers goes back at least to 1988. That's when a reporter from the esteemed magazine Newsweek was trying to make sense of the "fun, low-brainpower" games kids were playing in America and wanted to understand how some awful Atari-like crash could be avoided... More »

New Counter-Strike is Real, hits PS3, Xbox 360, Mac and PC in Early 2012

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rumors were true. Valve Software announced the game today and already added a listing for it to Steam. More »



Is Iron Wolf the Next Call of Duty?

A pair of hackers that gained access to the Xbox account of a Treyarch employee believes they've stumbled across the next entry in the Call of Duty series, code named Iron Wolf. More »


FrontierVille Sequel Pioneer Trail Gets Zynga a Little Closer to Making Hardcore Games, Limits Friends

Pioneer Trail is the brand-new, massive sequel to FrontierVille, one of the most popular games on Facebook. It's got a few twists that are going to throw any FrontierVille fan for a loop. More »

It May Be a Good Idea to Keep Your Foes at a Distance in Fable: The Journey

You won't be able to use a sword in Fable: The Journey. Or a gun.
You may have been able to surmise this from the game's E3 demo or from Brian Crecente's impressions a couple months back. More »


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