New Counter-Strike is Real, hits PS3, Xbox 360, Mac and PC in Early 2012

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The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rumors were true. Valve Software announced the game today and already added a listing for it to Steam.


In a press release, Valve said that "CS: GO features new maps, characters, and weapons and delivers updated versions of the classic CS content (de_dust, etc.). In addition, CS: GO will introduce new gameplay modes, matchmaking, leader boards, and more."

The team-based shooter game is "targeted" for an early 2012 release on the Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade, the PlayStation 3's PlayStation Network, Mac and PC in early 2012.

"Counter-Strike took the gaming industry by surprise when the unlikely MOD became the most played online PC action game in the world almost immediately after its release in August 1999," Valve spokesman Doug Lombardi said in today's announcement. "For the past 12 years, it has continued to be one of the most-played games in the world, headline competitive gaming tournaments and selling over 25 million units worldwide across the franchise. CS: GO promises to expand on CS' award-winning gameplay and deliver it to gamers on the PC as well as the next gen consoles and the Mac."

The game is being co-developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment (the latter of whom worked with Valve on updates to Counter-Strike: Source, the game's most recent major release) and will be playable at PAX Prime in two weeks in Seattle as well as at the London Games Festival Eurogamer Expo in late September.

Interesting. I wonder what those Valve protesters are thinking right now. They were demanding a long-lost sequel from Valve, weren't they?




Jesus I hate this game.. and not in a hate like how you 'hated' the waitress for being snooty and won't come to your table when you try to call her over, but in a way where the image of that logo is festering in a steaming pile of rage down to the bottom of my soul. My view of anybody that plays this game and likes it or, God forbid, it's in there "Top 10", is a lower lifeform and should be ignored and be left alone to stew in there wasted space and energy to die alone. CS is a partial birth abortion that somehow survived and needs to be put out of its misery. [Haven't played it since 2006 and briefly tried the BETA when it moved to MAC.]

My main complaint is that this series plays specifically for the "tournament" crowd and no one else with it's extreme precision weapons, the confusing\hardcore mechanics, the samey online only multiplayer, and the VERY dated gameplay that almost seems like a bastard fuck child between Quake and Rainbow Six.

Alright, I will say one thing though, this is the Modern Warfare prototype and MW was actually a pretty good game. (If we're talking about part 1.) I could see some semblence between both games with the menu system, the run-n-gun style gameplay with a emphasis on precision, etc. And the only good thing I can think up of this game is some levels in CSS look good for there age.

Outside of that, there's nothing fun about this game for many MANY reasons.

1. The menu systems don't work well, isn't optimized for fast play, and contains so much useless information no one needs to read. Character choices? Why even need them when 90% of the time, no one will pick the Snow terrorist and everybody will just randomly pick the one of the others since they offer no gameplay benefit whatsoever. I don't need to know what a USP's caliber is or where it was manufactured, it should have a little graph showing how good it is in relation to the other weapons. Clicking on the weapons to purchase them should not close out the menu every time, forcing me to press B to load it back up again and scroll through the fucking list again to get my items.

2. The "money" system is the best way to make people rage in this game. Okay, since a lot of people played TF2 and COD, the best reason why these games are far superior and gets people playing is because the "rewards" it gives out is based on timed intervals, not performance. It gets people to play them for longer, have extra 'performance' challenges for the hardcore, it's easier to let players play with the shit weapons first, then pick and choose weapons they want to unlock permanently that's attuned to there style. CS has people fighting against the money management system by forcing them to try to kill as many people in as many spammy ways as possible to keep there money high and the best gun choices unlocked all the time; if not, players are forced to use the cheap shit weapons or, at worst, only use the default pistol.

3. Weapons and item mechanics are almost bugged and at times useless. Last time I played a game of CSS, I checked out a player with a AK in spectate. I've seen many people with AKs and watched them in spectate, looked at forums about it, tested it myself, and came to the conclusion that the weapons in CS are just batshit retarded. In the majority of my viewings, a player had to aim above a players head and to the right by probably a foot or at almost his belly to get a headshot... I tested pistols that hit the tops of buildings when firing all the rounds too. Cones of accuracy so wide in this game that the 2nd bullet in a automatic rifle is guaranteed to miss, especially when moving. Armor barely works at all with it hardly making a dent at all in the damage bullets inflict upon players. Defusal kits are worthless since the majority of games end in the other team dead. Nobody buys night vision goggles since

4. Gameplay is frustrating and difficult as hell. Did I mention this game was specifically made for the "tournament" crowd? Get ready to have a lot of tweens and young college students headshotting you with a pistol. And getting shot is another bitch. It immediately reduces your movement by half, not allowing any time to get to cover. Many of the guns are very powerful with only 2 bullets being enough to kill anyone. And game modes? Nono, there's only 1. A lot say it's 2, but it's the same "hardcore search and destroy" with a tweaked objective. There's no Deathmatch, no respawns, no other objectives, nothing you would find in a more friendly or inventive shooter outisde that 1 mode.

5. Some maps are very poorly designed and are boring as hell to be in too. Most of it isn't visually exciting, just flat lifeless textures over everything with barely any kind of decoration to make it look good. It's like the mapper just made the blue print in Hammer, touched it up and said, "Okay, fuck this. I'm on vacation." There's supposedly a night time map in the game, but I've never seen it before and no one plays it. Saw a screen shot of just black and patch of sky. BTW, Dust has a terrible spawn point. Know the terrorist spawn on the hill? The CTs can move to the right of there spawn within 2 seconds through a door and see right into the T spawn... Who the fuck made these?

6. FUCKING HAX! I've played TF2 for 1300 hours over 4 years and found 10~ obvious hackers or cheaters. I've played CSS for 4 hours in 1 day and found 9. Seriously, this game has a ton of them. First server had suspicious players who always knew where I was. Okay, another server. A man bunny hops forward at 30 MPH and does a headshot on the entire team. FUCK, try again. The admin reports he's turned off VAC and 6 people in this server starts bunny hopping, speeding, and botting... Immediately uninstalled.

Even when Valve releases this game, Steam is already littered with Battlefields, Modern Warfares, and other clones that this piece of shit doesn't stand a chance. And I've seen CSS being sold in the top 20 list on Steam for the past 6 years, but I only think it even sells is because it's a very old ass game that has very low requirements. [Fucking Europeans.]

I can not see why anybody even buys this game anymore or why they even call it one of the best shooters ever created, if Metacritic is to be believed.