A Side-By-Side Look At The Glories of Remastered PSP God of War Games Running on a PS3

The PS3 God of War: Origins Collection brings Ready at Dawns two wonderful Playstation Portable games to the PS3. But you can't just dump them over from portable to console and expect them to look good. These games have been remastered in full HD.

That means both games went from 480 x 272 resolution and 30 frames per second running on the PSP to 1920 x 1080p at 60 fps on the PS3.

Here's a look at the games running on the PSP and the PS3 side-by-side. More details about the process over at the Playstation blog.


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I skipped two generations of Console gaming (Nintendo and Sony PS). I picked up PS3 two years ago and I picked up GOW remake. It was good when I first played it. Game mechanic seemed solid and whatever. I just got bored with repetitious gaming mechanic and I eventually didn't bother to continue playing GOW games. Is this and GOW 3 any better?