Friday, I Will Be Cleaning The Family Grave!

To: Totilo
From: Bash
RE: What Is A Day Note?


It's Obon in Japan, and pretty much the entire country is off. On Friday, we'll be cleaning the family grave, which is what you are supposed to do during Obon.

Many people take insanely crowded trains or highways and go on vacation. If you want to know the worst (i.e. busiest) time to visit Japan for vacation, it's right now!


Oh, something I wanted to address but haven't yet. Regarding this GT 5 story, the actual video is slowed down. It is something that I should have noticed, but didn't. For that, I am sorry.

I hate that people think my honest mistake was deliberate, it really wasn't. Unfortunate because I'm actually looking forward to the game. After seeing it at E3, I made a deal with my car nut son to buy it at a launch. Again, apologies for all the confusion — especially to Polyphony who have put so much into this title

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We know you meant know harm. Can we just hug it out? Pwease?