Splinter Cell's Strange Baby Seal Saving Mission Exposed?

Click to viewSo did you hear the one about Splinter Cell secret agent Sam Fisher saving a bunch of space-dwelling baby seals and their princess? Yeah, we hadn't heard about this Splinter Cell: Double Agent easter egg either. No one has.

So claims the hidden mission's creator, a Ubisoft Montreal level designer and his co-op multiplayer partner in QA, the duo responsible for this video. One of them was a little "disappointed" that the well-hidden secret mission was never found by players. We can't find mention of it online, but I also don't have a copy of Double Agent to verify it for myself.


This hidden mission, in which our "Splinter Seals" must rescue baby seals Cookie, Buddy, Pepperoni, Vanilla and Muffin, is available on the original Xbox version of the game. (They played it on an Xbox 360, however, as the game is supported via backwards compatibility.) It is, without a doubt, the oddest Splinter Cell mission I've ever seen.

Have you seen it? If you'd like to try out some stealthy seal saving for yourself, the video's walkthrough is more than thorough.

Splinter Cell Double Agent Seals Liberation [Vimeo]



Splintercell has always had awesome easter eggs hidden within the series.

I remember the bubbles in Aquarium, there was a level that had a UFO circle overhead, there was a rainbow colored party room in another.

It was awesome finding them all.