Freezing Issue Forces EA to Take Down Fight Night DLC

After struggling with freezing problems during the download of its Champions Pack 2, released Thursday, EA Sports has taken the unusual step of just pulling the content back from Xbox Live Marketplace, until it can roll a fixed pack later.

"Our goal is to have Champions Pack 2 back up for users to download before the Christmas holidays," a community manager said in the official forums yesterday. Those who managed to successfully download the content using a workaround are free to play the content, but locked items in it will remain that way until an updated version moves.


Here is EA Sports' full statement on the matter:

We regret to inform XBOX 360 users that due to the freezing issues that users have been experiencing when downloading Champions Pack 2, we have come to the tough decision to take the DLC down from XBL Marketplace, fix the issue, and look to prop up a corrected Champions Pack 2 in the near future. Unfortunately the fix requires a full pass of approvals by all parties involved and may take longer than a few days.

For users that have already downloaded the pack using the work around that was provided yesterday, you are fine to play with the new content. Though if there are locked items you have not yet purchased, you will not be able to unlock them until the updated version is released.

Again, we sincerely apologize to our users for having to endure the delay due to this unforeseen issue and our goal is to have Champions Pack 2 back up for users to download before the Christmas holidays.

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