Free Realms Still Growing Insanely Quickly

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First they hit one million players within weeks of release. Then they hit 2 million a week and a half later. Where does the Free Realms population stand right now?


I stopped by the Sony Online Entertainment booth (to see if I could get a little mining in) and talked to Senior Producer Andrew Sites about the future of the game, which I will discuss a bit later. My main concern was their ever-growing horde of players. Where do they stand now? As of last night, the population has reached 2.5 million players, and they are still growing at a ridiculous rate. That's 500,000 new players in a week.


Could a free-to-play family-friendly massively multiplayer online game from SOE surpass World of Warcraft in users one day? At this rate it's looking like a definite possibility.

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ShadowOdin is gonna be King of Kotaku

Sony Online should get over their lack of support for PS3 (really, I think the different divisions hardly even communicate) and release it on the PSN.

If people like Home, think how they'll like a free actual game!

Maybe it'll make people abandon Home, though, but if they use different sorts of appeal it could still work out.

At least they'll get more people playing Free Realms.