More Than A Million Flock To Free Realms

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Sony Online Entertainment's new family-friendly online game Free Realms has exploded out of the gate, with more than one million registered users within 17 days of launch.


Free Realms is a free-to-play massively-multiplayer online game that combines puzzle games, pet raising, card dueling, exploration, and combat into one colorful and attractive package. So attractive that more than a million users have signed up for the game since launch, a fact that has SOE's John Smedley all a' flutter.

"The excitement surrounding Free Realms, and the positive response the game has already received, is overwhelming," said John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment. "To achieve this milestone so rapidly speaks to the quality and the fun gameplay experience Free Realms offers to players of all ages."

To celebrate the quickly achieved milestone, SOE is giving all current Free Realms players with a limited edition Free Realms t-shirt for their character. On top of the t-shirt, the first 999,999 registered users are also getting a matching shirt for their pet and 200 Station Cash to purchase in game items. The 1 millionth registered user gets an even bigger prize: a lifetime premium membership, a one-of-a-kind astronaut suit, and 10,000 Station Cash.

I've been playing the game myself since launch, and I have to say that it's extremely addictive...and not just the premium bits either. There are just so many different things to do, and none of the posturing you find from the "elite" players in other MMO titles. If you play, send a friend request to Mochrie Shadowdancer, and I will try to resist the urge to hide from you.


Stanley Kirk Burrell

I spent a good deal of time playing. Most of my time was spent playing the card game (which was fairly enjoyable). After reviewing the prices for items and card packs combined with the cost of premium access I quickly came to the conclusion that I should quit the game while I was ahead. Sony really needs to reduce the price of everything in this game before I'm willing to commit my time to it.