Forza Motorsport PC Has A Really Smart Way Of Keeping Your Frame Rate Constant

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One of the reasons people love playing games on the PC is because of how many options it gives you, but that can be overwhelming, too. Forza Motorsport 6 Apex tries to split the difference by offering to handle the hard work for you.


Forza Motorsport 6 Apex represents another attempt by Microsoft to take PC gaming seriously. It’s a stripped down, free-to-play version of Forza Motorsport 6, which basically means it’s lacking a bunch of cars and tracks. (Microsoft has said future versions of Forza will also be coming to the PC.) Fortunately, early reports are that it’s an excellent version of Forza and runs like a dream on PC.

Let’s say you’re trying to maintain 60 frames-per-second on your machine, but like me, aren’t entirely sure which settings are best to adjust to achieve that.


That’s where the game’s various “dynamic” settings come into play; the game will, on its own, change graphical settings in real-time to maintain frame rate.

(You can turn this off, obviously, and do things on your own.)

Image Credit: CultofMush
Image Credit: CultofMush

Here are the settings that chiefly help determine how this works:

Performance Target
Set the target frequency for render and game thread updates. Some players made experience smoother rendering by lowering to 30FPS when higher frame rates can’t be maintained.

Dynamic Render Quality
Set the target visual quality level for the experience. This option is set by default based upon your detected hardware, and increasing it can have a significant negative impact on performance.

Dynamic Optimization
Adjusts visual settings dynamically, to maximize performance for any given gameplay scenario.


You can even choose which specific graphics settings you’re comfortable with the game playing around with:

Image Credit: NeoGAF
Image Credit: NeoGAF

The result is this beautiful-looking game:

There’s nothing worse than a hitching frame rate, especially in a serious racing sim like Forza. While I haven’t been able to play with Forza Motorsport 6 Apex’s dynamic scaling myself, the response from players seems very positive.


“Just got in about 30mins, and it seems to run really well,” wrote Scotty Dont NZ on the official forums. “There is no FPS counter yet, but pretty sure I am getting a constant 60 fps with default (HIGH) settings. The game seems to dynamically scale graphics to keep a smooth 60fps options according to the options menu. I have not noticed any changes at all so I guess that is a good thing.”

Given how much of a disaster Quantum Break was on PC (though it’s being patched), hopefully Forza Motorsport 6 Apex becomes the new standard.

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Dinky Earnshaw

Why is Microsoft trying to get people to buy PC ports on their store? I refuse to touch their products if I have to use their digital store. I’ve been burned in the past with GFWL and their marketplace before when it came to DLC.