Forget About a Patch for Tecmo Bowl Throwback

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Tecmo Bowl Throwback disappointed multiplayer enthusiasts when it appeared that ragequitting didn't count in players' records, among other complaints of online problems at launch. Originally Tecmo was said to be working up a patch. The publisher now says it isn't.

Phil Villarreal, a writer for the Arizona Daily Star, originally reported the patch plans last week. He now says Tecmo's told him that the problem is one of updating the game's stats server. Sounds like it doesn't update the records immediately, but it does happen in time. Thus, "There is not a title update planned at this time."


I reached out to the same Tecmo spokesman to clarify if that meant a title update to address this specific issue, or to address any of the gripes players have had regarding multiplayer - including lag, voice chat troubles and a deliberate-freeze exploit that sticks the host with a loss. We haven't heard anything back yet.

Sorry, Tecmo Bowl Throwback Fans - No Update Coming After All [Phil Villarreal]

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