Tecmo Bowl Getting Patch to Penalize Ragequitters

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Tecmo Bowl Throwback players may have noticed you can ragequit a 38-0 beating scot-free, no forfeit, no loss, no nothing. Tecmo is said to be working on a fix for this.


Phil Villareal, a writer for the Arizona Daily Star and a contributor to Consumerist felt he should be 6-2, not 1-2, record, because his Tecmo skills were so good he'd gotten five punks to tap out. Unfortunately, it's as if those games never existed.

He wrote Tecmo to ask what's up, and was told by a producer:

We're working on pushing a title update to fix the issue with online matches. Hopefully it'll be out by next week.

Having played it, I agree with Phil that having to use the pre-set playbooks (rather than custom ones) online is an inconvenience, but it's also true to life. I don't remember custom playbooks being saved outside of season mode on the old NES version of the game, but then, I've been playing on ROMs for a decade so I could be wrong.

Of course, I also didn't remember that the B button allows you to take a touchback in the endzone. That's partly because I never read the instruction manual 17 years ago. Thanks to everyone reminding me of this on Twitter.

Tecmo Bowl Throwback Update On The Way [Because I Told You So]


Did Villareal remember to zigzag in the open field? Perhaps he would be 8-0 if he remembered to zigzag in the open field.