For That Guy I Met In Japan Who Only Reads Kotaku Day/Night Notes...

To: Mr. Ashcraft
From: Mr. Totilo
Re: {Insert Night Note Here}


The esteemed Brian Crecente was indisposed today and left the duty of writing the Day Note to me. I intended to reply to your previous missive with great cheer but was flummoxed by its lack of verbs. And yet, maybe it contained a great message that I could just not see. It reminded me of a time when I purchased a box from a game store. Upon this box was the label "Great game inside." I never opened it, though I think Schrodinger's cat may have been inside.


That said, I just made that last anecdote up.

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If you read this as if you were watching Family Guy, it makes complete sense.

In fact, one could argue it's a perfect analytical critique of FG itself. #daynote