You've read the rumors. It's happening now. Join in the chat below and for the next hour, let's talk about the first three levels of Modern Warfare 2's campaign. I've got some conversation-starters for us...

1) What did you think of the training level? Did it train you? How did it set the scene of the game for you?

2) The game's first big action comes in the second level, Team Player. You're fighting in war-torn Afghanistan, yet most of us playing have not fought in war-torn Afghanistan. What did it feel like to "be there"?

3) Cliffhanger is the first full-sized level and brings back the Hollywood-style set-piece / thrill-ride style of Infinity Ward's most-loved games. Do you like your war games this fantastical?


Ok... GO! (We're doing this for an hour)

NOTE - The next Game Club meeting will be on Friday, same time as this one, 2pm Kotaku Time, 4pm ET. We'll be covering levels 4-6.