For Owen (Well, For Luke, Actually)

To: Luke
From: Stephen
Re: The True Meaning Of Cricket


Sorry, Luke, but it sounds to me like you're neglecting cricket. I bet cricket wants to be loved. I bet cricket wants some attention. But, no, you just let cricket prattle on in the other room while you and the guys drink beer. Cricket told me that you didn't used to be this way, that you used to pay cricket more attention.

I was just listening to a Jim Lehrer News Hour podcast this morning — public television U.S. newscast; one of my favorite sources for non-gaming news — about the drought in Australia. Eight years of drought! Sounds bad.


As I was writing this Day Note I heard that Owen has never had one of these Day/Night Notes written to him. Don't feel the need to break the trend, but maybe our commenters below could at least write some pretend notes to Owen? I think it'd be sweet.

The guy does work weekends, after all. That's got to make a man grumpy.

(UPDATE: Apparently Owen was exaggerating. But people could write him fake day/night notes anyway!)

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Deadspin in Carbonite

8 years of drought!? Sounds more like they had a freak rainstorm for a couple years that ended 8 years ago.

Love the Newshour especially with Brooks and Shields on Fridays. I secretly think the cable news networks watch those two and their professional speech and thought-out ideas representing each political party in absolute disgust.