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The True Meaning Of Cricket

To: Stephen
From: Luke

No, not Christmas. Cricket. I get the impression a lot of Americans don't quit "get" cricket. Think it's actually a sport where you sit, beer in hand, and watch every second of.


It's not. That's what football is for.

No, cricket is a grand form of social adhesive, confined to the warmer, lighter, summer months. It's something that draws groups of men together - in tonight's instance, to my house - after which beers are distributed, meat is cooked, and the cricket is put on the TV.


It's rarely watched. It's just...on, in the background. It becomes an occasional topic of conversation. When something important happens - say, a wicket - men drift towards the action again, watch replays, share a chuckle/insight, then return again to the previous topic of conversation. Wife, kids, video games, whatever.

It's fascinating. Somebody should write a book about it one day...

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It's an acquired taste. I'm from Australia where's it's broadcast free-to-air all summer. If you check wiki, you'll see it's our favourite sport.

If you had it 'explained' to you, it's like someone explaining why wine tastes good. It takes a while to appreciate wine.

I grew up on the stuff, so i've come to learn the intricacies of the game. Cursory glances at the sport oversimplify the depth, complexity and strategy of the game.