Review Round-Up: Borderlands DLC, Tropico, Tony Hawk And More

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We reviewed stuff this week, including stuffs that were not released recently. Know what that means? It's December and we're doing catch-up reviews of games we missed in 2009. (I bet I know what half of the comments will say.)


Ravensword: The Fallen King Micro-Review: Hack, Slash, and Finger-swipe
In which freelancer Matt Cabral explains the game's rat-menu version of MacDonald's.


Tony Hawk: Ride Review: Time To Bail
In which Michael Fahey might as well have smacked the skateboard-shaped controller against a wall he slammed the game so hard.

Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned Micro-Review: Brains Optional
In which Michael McWhertor collects zombie brains and than has none, which makes no sense.


Geforce 3D Vision Glasses Review: I Can See Forever
In which Fahey got a headache after extended use, but did like the fit.


Tropico 3 Review: Go Bananas For El Presidente
In which Luke Plunkett smoked two cigars — virtually.


Small Worlds Micro-Review: A Fine 20 Minutes
In which I was accused of being too positive.

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