First Claims Laid to Million-Dollar Perfect Game

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Barely two days after release and MLB 2K10 players are boasting they've pitched perfect games - worth a $1 million bounty to the first to do so, verifiably. But cool your jets, we won't know for sure for a while.

To recap: 2K Sports has offered a cool million for the first player to go 27-up, 27-down - under a rigorous set of conditions - in MLB 2K10. Yesterday, the first reports of perfectos started cropping up in the 2K Sports forums, with screenshots purporting to show the confirmation code the game offers if you manage to register the feat.


Naturally, since all obscure the confirmation code, everyone's calling shenanigans and fakery and making other such allegations. Me, I think it's easy enough to bring up a game's boxscore showing a pitching line with no walks and no hits. Linescores aren't proof enough. But whatever the case, 2K Sports' admins have reminded everyone that they aren't even going to start evaluating the video submissions for the perfect games until May 2. And the contest rules state a winner, if there is one, won't be announced until June.

That said I'm sure we can expect many more third-party proclamations and screenshot evidence over the next two months. Seven figure sums will do that.

Win One Million Dollars If You Throw the First Perfect Game in MLB 2K10 [2K Sports Forums]

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With internet connectivity... they should be able to monitor games anyway...

they should give you the option to go for the prize at the beginning of the game.

A simple check box that says "This is an attempt to win the $1Mil Promo. "

Then after each inning... scores are uploaded.

then they could keep a running tab on people and have it in the crawler.

"Joe Blow has pitched 7 complete innings with no hits, no walks."

You see that come across the crawler while you're playing it creates anxiety... increases your chances of making a mistake (much like a real player who realizes he could pitch a perfect game.)